How to participate


Buy any two specially-marked boxes of Kellogg’s* cereal on one (1) receipt between February 22, 2018 and May 31, 2018.



Snap a photo of your receipt showing two qualifying purchases and follow the instructions on to upload your receipt for validation before June 15th, 2018. Don’t forget the receipt must display the date and time of the transaction, the qualifying products purchased and the total purchase amount in the picture. If the receipt is too long, please fold the receipt so that the date and time, qualifying purchases, and the total purchase amount is included in the picture.



Receive a validation email with a unique link to register for your $5 Kellogg’s* Grocery Prepaid Card. If you do not see an email confirmation after 48 hours in your email inbox, spam, or junk folders, please contact 1-888-876-3750.



Once the unique link is selected, complete the registration form to redeem. Reward confirmation will be sent by email so be sure to check your inbox, spam or junk folders. Reward registration must be completed within ninety (90) days of receiving the validation email.

Participating Products

Rice Krispies* Cereal 640g
Froot Loops* Cereal 580g
Corn Pops* Cereal 515g
Kellogg’s* Frosted Flakes* Cereal 650g
Mini Wheats* Brown Sugar Cereal 700g
Mini Wheats* Original Cereal 700g
Two Scoops Raisin Bran* Cereal 755g
Special K* Vanilla Almond Cereal 658g
Special K* Original Cereal 620g

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does a purchase of two (2) specially-marked packages of Kellogg’s* cereals get you?

2. What are the qualifying products for this promotion?

3. How many $5 Kellogg’s* Grocery Prepaid Cards do I qualify for?

4. I purchased two (2) specially-marked packages of Kellogg’s* cereals on different receipts. Can I still get the Promotion?

5. I would like to change the shipping address for my $5 Kellogg’s* Grocery Prepaid Card. Is this possible?

6. Can I have the $5 Kellogg’s* Grocery Prepaid Card sent to someone else?

7. If I request more than one (1) $5 Kellogg’s* Grocery Prepaid Card, will they all be shipped together?

8. Do I have to pay for data rates incurred during the promotion submission process?

9. Do I have to pay any associated shipping or handling costs?

10. I haven't received my $5 Kellogg’s* Grocery Prepaid Card yet, who do I contact?

11. I still have a valid qualifying receipt and the promotion end date of June 15th, 2018 has passed, will I still be able to make a request for a $5 Kellogg’s* Grocery Prepaid Card?

12. I tried to submit my receipt three or more times and received an error message that it was not legible?

13. My computer/the website crashed while I was submitting my receipt. How will I know if my submission was successful?

14. Is there an age restriction to qualify for a $5 Kellogg’s* Grocery Prepaid Card?

15. Where is the $5 Kellogg’s* Grocery Prepaid Card accepted?

16. My supermarket does not have any specially-marked Kellogg’s* products included in this promotion. Where can I purchase these products?

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